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Aeron Systems is India’s leading smart technology company building deep-tech products in the field of Inertial Navigation and the Internet of Things (IoT). The Inertial Navigation Systems and Sensors developed by Aeron are being used for the navigation and control of drones, robots, military vehicles, and aircrafts.


The IoT products on the other hand are helping farmers in smart agriculture, maximizing the performance of renewable energy plants, helping control the air pollution in the smart cities, and water pollution in industries.

Who We Are?

Aeron is a team of passionate and creative scientists and engineers from diverse cultural and social backgrounds working together toward a common goal of contributing to building a better future for the inhabitants of the planet earth.

What We Offer?

Aeron offers products and solutions in two verticals, 1) Inertial Systems, 2) IoT Devices. Under Inertial Systems, Aeron offers a range of integrated Inertial Navigation Systems and Inertial Sensors. Under IoT, Aeron offers wireless data loggers, gateways, and a full suite of environmental monitoring products and services.

How We Do It?

For over a decade, Aeron has invested in the design and development of superior products based on rugged hardware and mature algorithms offering high performance and reliability to global customers.

We Believe in


Sustainable use of natural resources and autonomous transportation are no more just options but necessities of the 21st century World. Team Aeron is working tirelessly to contribute to these global transformations.

Our Journey

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How We Started

Ashvani Shukla and Abhijeet Bokil came together to start Aeron Systems with a vision to change the strategic technology landscape in India

First INS

Launch of Aeron’s very first Inertial Navigation System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 


Release of first wireless data logger DLG88 for automatic weather stations


Release of rugged, military-grade OCTANTIS Inertial Navigation System for land vehicles. 

Weather Monitoring

Launched a weather monitoring system for performance monitoring of renewable energy plants


Launch of high precision versatile ACE DLG89 data logger for weather monitoring system

Award by DEMA

Conferred Excellence Award by Defense Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (DEMA) for the exemplary work on the technology of Inertial Navigation

Biggest Supplier

Became the biggest supplier of weather monitoring systems for solar power plants in India


Launch of micro-miniature size POLLUX Inertial Navigation System with GPS for UAVs, drones, and robots during #Defexpo2018 


Introduced an air quality monitoring system for air pollution management and control


Launched a smart water quality monitoring system called STREAM for water pollution management in industries

New Investors

Series A Investment by Bharat Forge Ltd.   

Airworthy Certification

Received airworthy certification for Attitude and Heading Reference System, Aeron is the only private company in India to achieve this.


Introduced XTREME series high-performance smart data logger for remote asset monitoring

Fibre Optic Gyro

 Aldebaran, a Fibre Optic Gyro based Inertial Navigation System unveiled to the public during #Defexpo2020

Our Leaders

Ashvani Shukla

Co-founder & CEO

A graduate from IIT Kanpur with specialization in Aerospace engineering, Ashvani has keen interest in autonomous systems, inertial systems and industrial internet of things.

Abhijeet Bokil

Co-founder, MD & CTO

A first generation entrepreneur and a technology enthusiast having expertise in inertial navigation technology. He has led development of guidance systems for airborne, naval and ground vehicle platforms.

Dr. Prahlada Ramarao

Independent Director

Former Director, Defence Research and Development Lab, Hyderabad, Distinguished Scientist and Chief Controller in DRDO, Min of Defence, New Delhi. His immense contribution towards the development of technology in the country was recognized with the Padma Shri award, the fourth highest civilian award in India.

Prof. Ajoy Kanti Ghosh

Independent Director

A mentor to many startup founders, he is currently senior professor at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. He is former head of Aerospace Engineering department and former scientist at Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE).

Our Business Sectors

Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & Defence
Aeron offers an entire range of Inertial Measurement Units and Inertial Navigation Systems based on MEMS and FOG sensor technologies for land, sea and airborne applications. The IMU and INS systems are qualified as per military standards and are in service on military and non-military platforms with customers around the World. The micro-miniature INS Pollux offered by Aeron is best suited for unmanned aerial and ground vehicles. The airborne qualified Octantis 2 Attitude and Heading Reference System is in use on aircrafts. The Octantis 2 Inertial Navigation Systems are deployed on land platforms.


Aeron offers tilt sensors, inclinometers, and tilt switch solutions for the safety of heavy vehicles, construction equipment and off-road vehicles. These sensors can measure the longitudinal and lateral inclination of the vehicle body with respect to true horizontal and give safety indication or cut off the hydraulics, if the vehicle is operating at inclinations beyond the safe limits. The Inertial navigation system and Inertial measurement units incorporating accelerometers and gyroscopes are used to provide semi and fully autonomous capability to driverless and driver-assisted vehicles.


Aeron offers weather/met stations for renewable energy plants. The energy generated from renewable sources (wind, solar) depends on the weather conditions and so Weather Station from Aeron allows customers to constantly monitor the operating efficiency of the plants. Aeron's data gateway products allow energy consumption measurement in commercial buildings, complexes, and factories thus enabling consumers to control the energy usage and minimize wastage.


Smart agriculture practices require weather data and soil data at the farm level for irrigation scheduling, harvesting, pesticide spraying, forecasting onset of the diseases, and many other activities with the goal of maximizing yield and reducing operational expenditure. The Automatic Weather Station from Aeron collects a wide range of data related to soil conditions and weather patterns. This coupled with forecast allows farmers to intervene at the right points in time during the agriculture cycle. 

Smart City

Smart City
The city authorities world over are extensively using data to improve delivery of services to its citizens and improve quality of their lives. The Air Quality Monitoring Systems from Aeron help in traffic planning, urban planning, creating awareness around air pollution and promoting best practices. The wireless data logger and gateway products from Aeron help in the monitoring of smart poles, smart lights, energy meters, water consumption, and can gather other valuable data for better urban living.


Water pollution is a major global issue. The sources of potable water are limited and these are getting polluted fast. The Water Quality Monitoring System from Aeron offers real-time measurement of pollution in water processed by industries, surface water flowing in water bodies like rivers, lakes, ponds, and drinking water distributed by municipal authorities. Water quality also plays an important role in aquaculture, a livelihood in which a large number of farmers are engaged globally. 

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