Aeron Systems Secures ‘Series A’ Investment From Bharat Forge Limited

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05-06-2019, Pune, India.

Aeron Systems has secured “Series A” investment from Bharat Forge Limited, a flagship of the Kalyani Group. The funds will be utilized in the development of new products, expansion in the markets outside India and augmentation of the production capacity. Aeron Systems has achieved an enviable position in the Inertial Navigation technology in the domestic market having successfully supplied a range of fully indigenous Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for land and airborne applications.

Started in 2008, the young technology company Aeron is supplying its indigenously developed INS products for aircraft, armored vehicles, drones in the Defense sector and safety sensors for heavy vehicles in the Automotive sector. Through its Octantis and Pollux range of inertial navigation systems, Aeron is catering to applications that require Tactical class navigation solutions. Last year, Aeron launched ‘Pollux’, a micro-miniature INS targeted at soldier and drone navigation. Pollux is miniature in size and weight (<40gm) and is available at disruptively low price points. It is finding great demand for autonomous vehicle applications.

Under its IoT product portfolio, Aeron offers high-quality Wireless Data Loggers & Gateways along with environment monitoring solutions for smart agriculture, solar power plants, smart cities, and industries. The latest offering from Aeron, the 4G (LTE) enabled Data Loggers and Gateways with user-friendly configuration interface at low price points are a great package for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution companies.

“This alliance with Kalyani Group will not only expedite the technology development at Aeron Systems but will also enable Aeron to aggressively market its products globally.”, said Ashvani Shukla, CEO of Aeron Systems.

Aeron Systems Secures "Series A" Investment From Bharat Forge Limited

“In Aeron, I see a budding start-up with a young talented team of engineers, committed to developing niche capabilities in the Inertial Navigation domain, indigenously. At Kalyani Group, we are committed to support such technology-driven product start-ups and leverage them to offer best-in-class solutions to our Armed forces and the Automotive Industry”, said Mr. Baba Kalyani, Chairman & MD, Bharat Forge Ltd.

“Since its inception, Aeron worked on developing inertial sensing technology. At this point, our technology is proven, robust, matured and evolving at a fast pace. This is the best time for entering into a partnership with BFL.”, noted Abhijit Bokil, CTO of Aeron Systems.

The partnership was forged under the leadership of Mr. Rajinder Bhatia, President & CEO, Defence & Aerospace, Bharat Forge Limited.

“Inertial system has been one of the few missing blocks in India’s indigenous technology matrix for developing advanced solutions for defence, aerospace and now automotive industries. With this collaboration, we intend to not only support the growth story of Aeron but also jointly pursue advanced application development based on Aeron’s solutions.”, remarked Mr. Rajinder Bhatia about the future prospects of this alliance.

About Aeron Systems

Aeron Systems is a fast-growing tech company developing innovative solutions for global customers. Aeron has a decade long experience in offering a wide range of technology-driven products under Inertial Sensing and IOT verticals to its customers in Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Renewable Energy and Industrial sectors.

The products are designed to work in tough conditions, operate uninterruptedly with no manual intervention required for many years. XTREME series loggers offer the highest precision in data collection from analog sensors with a range of wired and wireless communication options. The ACE series loggers on the other hand offer convenience of an onboard LCD display.

About Bharat Forge

Bharat Forge is a global leader in metal forming and serves several sectors including Automotive, Railways, Aerospace, Marine, Oil & Gas, Power, Construction and Mining. Being the world’s largest forging company; we have a transcontinental presence across ten manufacturing locations spread across India, Germany, Sweden, France, and North America. Part of the Kalyani Group – A USD 3 billion conglomerate with 10,000 global workforces, Bharat Forge has the largest repository of metallurgical know-how, design &amp; engineering expertise and manufacturing prowess in the region.