Inclinometers: Solution For Leveling And Alignment Applications In The Construction Industry

Professionals like architects, engineers, surveyors, and contractors working in the construction industry always keep with them a comprehensive toolkit for carrying out different measurements on site. Of all the parameters that need to be measured on site during design as well as construction phases, alignment and level are very critical ones.

Even slight errors in the alignments might result in issues such as water ingression, accumulation or inefficient water drainage. It is not rare to find kitchen platforms, bathroom or terrace drainage slopes not maintained properly resulting in water accumulation which leads to further problems.

On the other hand, in the large-scale construction projects, slightest of the alignment issues get magnified resulting in large errors.

Typically, architects, surveyors, and contractors depend on spirit levels for leveling and other mechanical devices for alignment. Most of the times, these tools have low accuracy and low resolution. Even if the tool is accurate, human error can creep in due to the analog nature of the output. Considering the nature of the job, these professionals need an accurate, reliable and portable equipment in order to carry out error-free measurements.

Aeron has developed a range of highly accurate, lightweight and portable inclinometers – Spin which is a handy solution for above-mentioned problems. Compared with conventional spirit levels it offers the following advantages:

Lightweight and compact: Spin inclinometers are manufactured using MEMS technology which makes them compact and lightweight. As a result, the device can be carried easily on site.

High accuracy and resolution: Spin inclinometers have an accuracy of ±0.1 ̊ (1σ) and resolution of 0.01 which is far superior to that offered by conventional devices. The last alignment feature further enables the user to measure accurately. This level of accuracy is absolutely essential for large-scale construction projects where smallest of the errors magnify and might lead to a serious problem.

Dual axis measurement: Spin inclinometers measure the alignment between two axes with equal accuracy and resolution.

Graphical LCD display: Since every inclinometer comes with an LCD display on which the output is shown digitally, human error is eliminated. The LCD screen offers a wide-angle view of 180 degrees. The display comes with a backlight, most helpful during the nights.

Low power consumption: Spin inclinometers are powered by a long-lasting battery and designed to consume a small amount of power making it further suitable for on-site use.

Affordable cost: Spin inclinometers are competitively priced and hence, are highly affordable for the above-mentioned applications.

Inclinometers: Solution For Leveling And Alignment Applications In The Construction Industry

Apart from the leveling and alignment, the inclinometer can be used to find out the height of walls or distant tall structures. Using the laser pointer and inbuilt algorithms, when pointed at an object, the inclinometer shows a numerical factor, which when multiplied by the distance of the measurer from the object gives an accurate height of the object.

From the above discussion, it is quite clear that a Spin inclinometer is an affordable yet highly valuable addition to the toolkit of an architect, surveyor or contractor.

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