Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the tilt sensor calibrated?
A: Yes, it has been factory calibrated and tested using highly accurate benchmarks.

Q: Does TS2D have temperature calibration?
A: Yes, the accelerometer sensor inside TS2D is compensated for temperature drifts.

Q: What sort of technique is employed to improve performance?
A: TS2D uses a statistical filter to improve noise-performance.

Q: What is the interface of TS2D?
A: The default interface of TS2D is RS232 at 57600 Baud rate, 8 bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit. For more details refer datasheet. It is also available with RS485 (MODBUS RTU) interface for applications which require data transmission over long distances.

Q: My application requires rugged enclosure. Is TS2D suitable for my application?
A: The metallic enclosure is machined from Aluminum block is very rugged in design.

Q: Is TS2D suitable in applications with high vibration?
A: No, TS2D is an accelerometer based inclination sensor and is prone to error due to vibration or high g forces. TS2D should be used in non-accelerated applications only.

Q: What is the range for which this inclinometer works?
A: The digital inclinometer works over the range of ±40 deg dual axis.

Q: What is the principle behind angle measurement?
A: The principle behind the angle measurement is based on the principal of gravity measurement using MEMS accelerometer, in conjunction with sophisticated software techniques to accomplish a guaranteed accuracy of better than ±0.1º.

Q: Can I connect this Inclinometer to PC?
A: Yes it can be connected to PC through its type-B mini USB port

Q: Are threshold angles user configurable?
A: Yes, the threshold angles are configurable to the application requirement.

Q: What is the minimum angle it can measure?

A: The minimum angle it can measure is with the resolution of 0.1deg.