High shock sustaining OEM IMU package for control and guidance applications offering 1˚/hr. bias instability and tactical performance. The IMU1640 sits on customer PCB and is interfaced with autopilot or stabilization controller over SPI interface.

The Castor series IMU1640 is a high-end tactical class inertial measurement unit consisting of high-performance triaxial MEMS Accelerometer, triaxial Gyroscope and triaxial Magnetometer sensors based on latest MEMS technology. The IMU is equipped with a high-speed processor that runs superior signal processing algorithms delivering control grade inertial measurement data. The IMU can be mounted firmly on customer’s PCB which may be running control algorithms. The IMU output is available over a digital SPI interface. Its rugged and modular design makes it suitable for integration with control computers and other application hardware.


The miniature MEMS IMU, CSTR-IMU1640 offers 0.8 ˚/hr. (typ.) bias instability performance and is suitable for inertial guidance and control applications where size is the constraint. The Castor IMU design complies with MIL environmental and EMC standards.

Product Features

Excellent 1 °/hr. in-run bias instability, thermal compensation, and good turn-on to turn-on repeatability.

IMU1640 features configurable FIR filters with programmable taps optimizing the IMU for best performance.

Factory calibrated for misalignment, offsets, and scale factor errors.

Offers update rates of up to 4000Hz and configurable bandwidth as per customer application requirements.

IMU1640 is designed for shock survival up to 1000g making it suitable for high dynamics applications.

Low supply voltage requirement (3V to 5V DC) making it possible to power up the IMU with low voltage battery systems.

Low noise and highly stable accelerometer and gyroscope sensors for high performance sensor data.

Wide operating temperature range and temperature compensation of sensors for useful performance across operating range.

Digital SPI Interface, digital inputs and outputs, diagnostics and data ready options for integrated communication with user controller.

Technical Specifications

  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Communication
  • Mechanical
±16 g
Bias Instability
<1 °/h
Initial Bias
3 mg
750 Hz
±480 °/s
Bias Instability
< 1 °/h
Angle Random Walk
< 0.07 °/sqrt(hr)
Initial Bias
< 0.03 °/s
550 Hz
Operating Voltage
3 V to 3.6 V DC (Up to 6V tolerant)
Power Consumption
< 1.3 Watt
Update Rate
Up to 4250 Hz
Output Parameters
Angular Rates, Accelerations, Onboard Temperature, Voltages, Sensor Health
SPI, 4 x Digital I/Os
47 mm x 44 mm x 14 mm
<80 gm
Operating Temperature
-40 °C to +71 °C
Storage Temperature
-55 °C to +90 °C
Shock Survival
up to 1000 g


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Q & A

What interfaces are available on Castor IMU1640?

Castor IMU1640 is an OEM IMU with SPI interface.

Can Castor IMU be PCB mounted?

Yes, Castor IMU1640 is mounted on customer PCB using board to board connector.

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