Vega Tilt Switch

Solid state tilt sensor and switch with integrated gyro provides highly reliably inclination measurement and control in demanding offroad applications. The tilt switch also provides health indication and is an ideal sense and control solution in automotive safety applications.

Vega Tilt Switch TSWG is a gyro integrated digital tilt sensor and switch with dual relay output and continuous onboard diagnostics. The tilt switch is recommended for crane safety sensing, tipper truck body inclination measurement, solar trackers and other highly demanding offroad automotive applications.


The switch can be used to switch ON and OFF hydraulics and cut off power to motor or actuators beyond safe angles of operations. The tilt switch is highly configurable with settable threshold cut-off angles and wide measurement range of up to ±90 ̊in X and ±60 ̊ in Y axis.

Product Features

Integrated Gyro and Kalman Filter for accurate output in highly dynamic offroad environment.

Redundant MEMS sensors for reliable performance in demanding automotive safety applications.

Onboard diagnostics and digital health indication switch output.

IP68 tested design with superior environment protection for extreme operating conditions.

More than 10,000 tilt switches in operation in field with highly reliable performance and very low failure rate.

Digital RS232 and RS485 interfaces for X- and Y- angle output and integration with external controller.

Q & A

What is the interface of tilt switch?

Tilt switch has two configurable relay / switching outputs and digital RS485 and RS232 interfaces for data out.

Does tilt switch have onboard diagnostics?

Yes, tilt switch has onboard diagnostics and health indication.

User Manual