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Digital Magnetic Compass
A digital magnetic compass is an indispensable part of any ship or vessel sailing in the sea. A digital magnetic compass consists of a magnetometer which relies on earth’s magnetic field to indicate the direction. The output of the magnetic compass is susceptible to
Inertial Navigation System For Mobile robots or autonomous mobile robots are being increasingly used for domestic as well as industrial and other applications. Autonomous Mobile robots are the robots which move from one place to other in order to accomplish a given task.
Trucks with tipping bodies find their use in numerous applications, mostly relating to mining, transporting or moving minerals, cement, coal, construction material, sand, etc. from one place to another. For instance, a dumper truck will use body tipping to unload the goods.
Traditionally, inertial navigation has been an expensive technology which limited its application to high-end military vehicles, precision-guided missiles or aircraft. Since the advent of MEMS technology and low-cost gyroscopes and accelerometers
Use of robots for domestic as well as commercial purposes is growing rapidly. As the cost of robots goes down and their versatility increases, a lot more of tasks and chores would be performed by robots. Precise and accurate navigational assistance is absolutely essential for robots to function properly and carry out their ordered tasks.