Octantis 2 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)

MEMS-based AHRS for Airborne Application

Aeron’s Octantis 2 AHRS is a tactical class Attitude and Heading Reference System for airborne applications. The model OCT2 AN5300S AHRS has been designed as per the DO-254 standards and qualified as per MIL-STD-461E and MIL-STD-810G standards. The AHRS software has been tested through a rigorous IV&V process and certified as per DO-178B level B standards. The AHRS system has been accorded the CEMILAC (Indian Airworthiness) certification. The unit meets the performance requirements as per the RTCA-DO-334 standard.

The AHRS is an airborne qualified system and can be used as a primary or standby instrument in electronic flight instrumentation systems, cockpit displays in a wide range of fighter, transport and passenger aircrafts.

Key Features

High Reliability System

Airworthiness Certified with Redundant Sensor Configuration

Device Diagnostics

Complete Continuous Built in Test

Power Consumption

Low Power <2.5 W

External Magnetometer Interface

To facilitate the user to choose the external magnetometer data to avoid degradation caused by nearby systems

TSO Compliant Performance

Suitable for flight instrumentation, attitude indication


Low Noise Sensors

To give highly accurate attitude and heading data

Software Certification

DO178B Level B compliant software

External True Air Speed (TAS) aiding

Accepts external TAS data for velocity aiding

Isolated Interfaces and power supply

Making it resistant to electromagnetic interference on data and power lines


Comes with standard Serial RS422, RS232 interfaces

Technical Specifications

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OCT2 AN5300S is qualified for DO178 Level B+. The qualification included 100% MC-DC coverage.

Yes, the unit has been tested rigorously and is being deployed and is in production for airborne applications.

At present this unit is CEMILAC certified. Please contact us on sales@aeronsystems.com regarding this.

OCT2-AN5300S can accept data from external magnetometer and air data computer. More details are available in the user manual.

The default baud rate for OCT2 AN5300S is 38400. 

The nominal operating voltage for the device is +28 V DC.

Yes, the OCT2-AN5300S may be considered as a form-fit-function equivalent of Crossbow GRU. The mounting arrangement for the two units is identical and the electrical and software interfaces are very similar.

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