Dual Axis Digital Inclinometer for Leveling Applications

The INC2D is a light weight, ergonomically designed digital inclinometer with graphical LCD display and laser alignment. It can measure inclination angles both (X and Y) axes with ±90 ̊ measurement in X axis and ±60 ̊ in Y axis. INC2D determines inclination by measurement of gravity vector using triaxial MEMS accelerometer. These in conjunction with the filtering techniques give accuracy of ±0.3 ̊ (1σ) with a resolution of 0.01 ̊.


The INC2D comes with a magnetic base for easy mounting in industrial environment. It is battery operated and rechargeable Li-ion battery is built-in. Standard 5V USB charger with micro USB connector can be used for charging. INC2D is best suited for civil construction applications, platform leveling, heavy equipment leveling, boom angle measurement, mast or pole height measurement and other leveling or alignment related applications.

Key Features

High sensor resolution

0.01 deg. resolution


Graphical LCD display with backlight

Battery operated

Low power consumption, long standby time


Laser Based Alignment

Built in Class 2, 635 nm red laser


Configurable Audio alarm beyond threshold angles

Tare & Hold

Tare & Hold Button for user convenience

Technical Specifications

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Product Documents



Yes, the button ‘TARE’ is given to reset the angle to ‘Zero’. 
Yes, the unit has a built-in calibration mode. 
Yes, the display comes with the backlight
The threshold angle is indicated using the built-in ‘Audio’ alarm. 

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