XTREME – Smart Data Logger

XTREME  is a family of powerful smart dataloggers which can acquire measurements from multiple sensors over various analog and digital interfaces. Communicating data securely to the cloud (via Ethernet/ Wi-Fi / LTE) for real-time data monitoring.

XTREME  is capable of sensor sampling at the rate of 200Hz with industry’s leading ADC which has a resolution of 24 bit (>20ENOB) ensuring precision data acquisition. The device comes with external storage of 32GB which can store 1000 parameters for 3 months (with a logging interval of 1 min), thus mitigating the possibility of any data loss.

XTREME  family dataloggers run a high-speed processor with the capability of edge computing of AI-based IIoT applications. It enables easy access to logged data through web page accessible in local and remote networks and quick data downloading to a pen drive.

Key Features

High Precision

With industry leading 24 bit ADC data is acquired with high resolution and precision.

Versatile Inputs

Various analog (0-5V, 0-1V, 0-100mV, 4-20mA), digital and serial inputs (RS232, RS485, MODBUS, SDI12)


Built-in GPS for precise time synchronisation and location information



4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Wired communication over Ethernet, RS485, RS232, SDI12

Data Download

USB pen drive, Local Web page, Aeron Cloud


Weather protection, IP65, surge protection, 9-36VDC power, powered by solar panel as well as AC supply

Technical Specifications

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Solar BG

Weather Station for Solar and Wind power plants

Renewable energy generation depends on the weather conditions and for correct estimation of plant efficiency, it is critical that weather data is accurately measured at the site. High accuracy data logger enables reliable weather parameters measurement.


High accuracy data logger XTREME connects with variety of weather sensors over analog and digital interfaces and provides accurate measurement of weather parameters.

A large number of the manufacturing industries use water in their process, this water when released into a lake or river causes pollution in water. Industries are setting up water treatment plants to remove contaminants.
Continuous monitoring of the quality parameters in the processed water helps in making sure that good quality water is released to the water bodies. 

Water Quality Monitoring System for Industries

Aeron Systems River

River Monitoring System

The rivers are a source of potable water and irrigation. Due to the growing industrial pollution, it is important that river water quality is monitored continuously. Measurement of water level and flow rate also helps in getting early warning during flooding situations.
The XTREME data logger connects with the water level, flow rate, and range of sensors for the measurement of water quality. 
With an ever-changing climate and a large number of natural calamities every year, there is growing focus on weather research. The weather data from ground stations is important along with satellite data. 
The smart data logger along with a variety of weather sensors allows high-quality weather data collection used for weather research.

Weather Research

Aeron Systems Ice
Aeron Systems Airport

Airport Weather Station

Civil aviation is rapidly growing around the world and so the number of aircraft at each airport. To ensure round the clock operation it’s important that accurate information on weather conditions is available for the safe operation of fights. 
High-value assets deployed in remote areas need good quality IoT devices for round-the-clock data collection from sites. The data analysis of the collected data helps in understanding failure points and planning maintenance. Aeron’s data logger has versatile inputs to collect a different kind of data from remote assets and send to the cloud for analysis and monitoring. 

Remote Asset Monitoring

Aeron Systems Natural Gas

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