Land Navigation Suite

Aeron's Hybrid Land Navigation System (HLNS) is a high-performance navigation solution designed to operate in challenging environments. The inertial navigation system (INS) is equipped with a high-end tactical grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which ensures the accurate navigation information even in GNSS denied conditions. This makes HLNS, an ideal choice for military vehicles enhancing their operational efficiency and providing uninterrupted navigation information in varying terrains that include mountains, deserts, and densely-forested regions.

The combat vehicle users require reliable and resilient navigation in all operating scenarios. They are dependent on the navigation data, that is, latitude, longitude, altitude and heading on a continuous basis to take tactical decisions. Armoured vehicles both wheeled and tracked need this information without having to depend on external factors such as GNSS which may be jammed or spoofed. Aeron's field-proven, reliable, and rugged navigation systems assure consistency in delivering accurate position information even in long hours of GNSS outages.

The navigation solution is available in multiple configurations to meet the needs of diverse users. The Octantis INS system is based on tactical MEMS IMU offering excellent GNSS denied performance, the Aldebaran INS based on closed loop Fiber-Optic Gyros (FOG) delivers superior GNSS denied performance. The systems are qualified as per the MIL-STD-461E or F, MIL-STD-81OG, and MIL-STD-1275E for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), environmental and power supply survivability respectively. The system integrates seamlessly with Aeron's navigation software.

HLNS is thus an ideal system for providing position and navigation information, making it an integral part of both the battlefield management and situational awareness systems. Aeron's HLNS solution comes with a capable navigation software that provides offline and online maps capability, mission data recording, way points and capability to import military maps. Aeron provides MIL COTS display with the software or the software can be deployed on existing or user-recommended display.

Key Features

The unit is in-service on multiple military platforms delivering consistent performance in challenging environmental conditions.

Available with multiple IMU configurations ranging from 0.1 °/hr to 1 °/hr class based on MEMS and FOG technologies.

Field proven system with advanced sensor-fusion that delivers 0.3% to 1% distance travelled (DT) performance ensuring uninterrupted operation in jamming and spoofing scenarios.

Built-in multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS receiver with L1, L2 and L5 - GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and IRNSS (NaVIC) reception.

Offers centi-meter level position performance in RTK Base-Rover configuration.

Qualified as per the MIL-STD-461E/F, MIL-STD-81OG, and MIL-STD-1275E for electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and power supply envelope respectively.

Supports standard interfaces including Ethernet, RS422 and RS232 for easy integration with displays and application devices.

Solution comes with user friendly proprietary navigation software compatible with offline, online maps and custom defence series maps and wide range of datums and grid reference systems.

Compact, light-weight, low powered and at affordable cost compared to the similar offering on the market.


Tracked and wheeled land vehicle navigation

Battlefield Management System

Situational Awareness

Navigation Software Features

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    Real Time Moving Map display with Navigation Data (position, heading, speed and time)
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    Compatible with Standard Windows based Rugged Display
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    GNSS Constellation selection (Enabling/Disabling) through user interface.
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    Field proven and in-service on hundreds of combat vehicles
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    Traversed path logging and data retrieval
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    Compatible with Open Source and Custom Defence Series Maps (.shp)
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    Facilitates external aiding (position, heading) feed in case of GNSS denied use case

Product Configurations

Parameter/Products ALD-NS3500S FOG INS OCT2-NS7300D-01A MEMS INS OCT2-NS7700T MEMS INS DENEB-GN402 Rugged GNSS
Roll/Pitch Accuracy ±0.05° ±0.06° ±0.06°
Heading Accuracy 0.3° with GNSS 0.3° with GNSS 0.02° with Dual Antenna 0.3°
Position Accuracy hybrid < 2 cm with RTK,1.5 meter with GNSS < 2 cm with RTK,1.5 meter with GNSS < 2 cm with RTK,1.5 meter with GNSS < 2 cm with RTK,1.5 meter with GNSS
Position Accuracy w/o GNSS (External Odometer Aiding) 0.3% DT < 1% DT < 1% DT
Interfaces RS422, RS232,Ethernet,Odometer input over CAN J1939 & Pulse RS422, RS232,Ethernet,Odometer input over CAN J1939 & Pulse RS422, RS232,Ethernet,Odometer input over CAN J1939 & Pulse RS422, RS232,Ethernet
Time Synchronization 1 PPS 1 PPS 1 PPS 1 PPS
Size 172.4 mm(W) x 155mm(B)x 114 mm 9 (H) 142 mm(W)x115 mm(B) x 65 mm (H) 142 mm(W)x115 mm(B) x 65 mm (H) 179 mm(W) X 104 mm(B) X 61 mm (H)
Weight 2.5 Kg 1 kg 1 kg < 1.5 kg
Power < 10 W < 7 W < 7 W 5W
Navigation Software Real Time Moving Map display of Navigation Data (position, heading, speed and Time) - Compatible with Open Source and Defence Series Maps (DSM)

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