Air Quality Monitoring System 

GRETA AQM21 is an intelligent air quality monitoring system, ideal for real time monitoring of various weather parameters like particulate matter, gaseous contaminants, noise levels, humidity etc.  iAQMS is equipped to monitor air pollution data for PM2.5 , PM10,CO, CO2,NO, NO2, SO2 and O3 and environmental data for temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and wind direction along with the noise, UV and Light intensity.


AQM21 is easy to install, calibrate and maintain and consumes very less power. The device comes with a ruged enclosure making it suitable for operation in harsh environmental conditions.  The device is capable of logging data on site as well as on cloud. Provision for site specific customizations makes AQM21 highly versatile. The device comes with desktop software and mobile App.


AQM21 has numerous applications in town planning and development of smart cities and can be used for tracking industry emissions, identifying pollution hotspots in the city, traffic re-routing and management, developing expansion plans for the city, approving or rejecting development proposals, etc.

Product Details


IP 65 Compliant Enclosure


High Resolution Data Logger (A/D 24 Bit)


Data Logging over cloud and on site


Comes with desktop software and mobile application

CO0-1000 ppm
CO20-5000 ppm
O30-20 ppm
NO20-20 ppm
SO20-100 ppm
PM2.50-500 μg/m3
PM100-1000 μg/m3


ENV ParameterRange
Air Temperature-40 to 65 Deg.
Pressure500 to 1150 mBar
Humidity0% to 100% RH
LightUp to 20,000 Lux
Noise134 dB
Rainfall0.0 mm to 999.8 mm
Wind Speed1 – 300 kmph
Wind Direction0 – 360 Deg.





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