Intelligent Water Quality Monitoring System 

Intelligent Water Quality Management System (iQWMS) is an advanced real-time water quality monitoring system. It works in compliance with CPCB guidelines and monitors pH, COD, BOD and TSS in real-time and feeds the data on specified server. All the sensors are directly connected to the data logger. It checks the data and sends to specified location. All the sensors are RoHS compliant. Data is stored both in cloud as well as in device memory. The device is powered with Aeron ACE-DLG89 – a versatile multichannel data logging and IoT gateway device intended to function as a completely standalone system remotely monitoring, logging and sending real-time data over GSM/GPRS network which can be accessed from anywhere.

Standard iWQMS setup comes with following sensors:

  • COD/BOD Sensor
  • TSS Sensor
  • pH Sensor

Architectural Representation of Intelligent Water Quality Monitoring system

Product Details


IP 65 Compliant Enclosure


High Resolution Data Logger (A/D 24 Bit)


Data Logging over cloud and on site


Comes with desktop software and mobile application

Coming Soon

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