Laminar AQM11

Smart air quality monitoring system, ideal for real time monitoring of indoor air pollutants.

As we spend a significant portion of our lives indoors, ensuring Air we breathe and healthy has never been so crucial. Poor Indoor Air quality can have detrimental effects on our health, wellbeing and productivity.


The Laminar AQM11 is an all-encompassing air quality monitoring system that features a range of sensors allowing for accurate measurement of various gases present in the air. This device can help individuals understand the quality of air they are breathing, and provide real-time Indoor Air Quality Index (IAQI) data to occupants.


With 7" touch display and interactive UI, the device offers easy access to data, visualization and settings. The powerful algorithm & feature rich software enables the device to calculate AQI in Indian and USEPA standards, Display real time pollutants data and multi color graph for optimum visualization & analysis.


Measured Parameters

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    Ambient Air Temperature
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    Relative Humidity

Solution Features

On-board 7" touch display allows to view the Air Quality Index and pollutants data in real-time.

Built-in RS485 Modbus RTU protocol enables easy integration with Building management Systems (BMS)

The device has on board memory of 8 GB (Expandable upto 32 GB) for data storage.

The device has Ethernet and WiFi functionality for easy integration with cloud platforms for real-time data update and over-the-air firmware upgrade.

Built-in RTC enables the device to be in sync with the current time and date.

The recorded data can be retrieved using an USB stick enabling the user to easily access and post process the data.


Q & A

How many indoor air pollutants can be measured?

The AQM11 can measure 8 indoor air pollutants namely PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, Ozone, CH2O, VOCs, NO2 and also measures ambient Air Temperature and Humidity.

Can AQM11 be integrated with a BMS?

Yes. The AQM11 has RS485 Modbus RTU protocol which can be used to integrate with any BMS system.

Want To Know More ?

User Manual