Weather Monitoring System for Solar PV Power plants

IEC61724-1:2021 complaint Weather Monitoring Station.

The energy generation from Solar PV power plants is dependent on various atmospheric conditions. It is thus very crucial to have an accurate and reliable Weather Monitoring Station (WMS). A Weather Monitoring Station (WMS) plays a crucial role in the performance monitoring of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Plants by providing real-time and historical meteorological data. This information is essential for optimizing the efficiency and output of solar power systems.


Aeron’s Weather Monitoring Station (WMS) complies to the guidelines outlined in IEC 61724-1:2021. The WMS is a perfect product for real-time, accurate and reliable monitoring of environmental conditions, thereby keeping track of plant efficiency and maintenance of solar power sytems on a real-time basis.


Measured Parameters

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    Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI)
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    Global Tilt Irradiance (GTI)
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    Diffused Horizontal Irradiance (DHI)
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    Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI)
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    Module Surface Temperature
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    Wind Speed and Direction
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    Ambient Air Temperature
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    Relative Humidity
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    Baromteric Pressure
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    Rain fall
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    Cloud Cover
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    Soiling Loss Index

Solution Features

With sampling frequency of 1 Hz and logging interval of min. 1 second, the device is compliant to the Class A sampling and recording interval as per IEC 61724-1:2021 and IEC61400-12-1:2022

The system has multiple interfaces like SDI12, RS232 serial and Modbus, RS485 Modbus RTU master and slave, Modbus over TCP/IP establishing easy communication with any PLC/SCADA

The system can communicate with web servers over WiFi, 4G (LTE), GPRS and Ethernet. Thus providing the user with real-time data remotely.

With built in GPS, the time synchronization is periodic and accurate.

The system has an internal memory of 8G which stores the logged data in .csv format for more than 5 years. An external micro SD card up to 32GB can be interfaced for additional data storage.

The system is tested to operate in harsh environments with operating temperature ranges from -40 degC to +80 degC.


Case Studies


Case Study Weather Monitoring for Solar Rooftop Projects

by Aeron Systems

22 January 2018

Solar rooftop projects are witnessing a steep rise in the number of installations. Commercial spaces like office spaces, hotels, hospitals etc. are increasingly opting for rooftop solar installation to avail the benefit of reduced energy bills. Being the market leader in utility-scale solar plant monitoring, Aeron has a strong presence in a rooftop solar segment as well.

Q & A

Is the System complaint to IEC standrads?

Yes. The WMS is complaint to IEC61724-1:2021 for Solar Power Plant Performance monitoring.

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