Galileo Digital Magnetic Compass

Galileo Digital Magnetic compass provides Heading, Roll and Pitch measurements in static or semi-static environments. The digital magnetic compass or DMC can be calibrated on field and integrated in customer environment with ease providing magnetic heading information for control, alignment and navigation.

GALILEO DMC300 is a versatile, low power and compact digital magnetic compass. The device measures magnetic heading with high accuracy MEMS sensor and is suitable for land and marine applications.


DMC300 comprises a triaxial solid-state MEMS accelerometer and magnetometer sensors. The accelerometer is used for roll and pitch measurement in near-static conditions and for tilt compensation of the magnetometer. The DMC300 runs a proprietary digital filter for noise reduction and computation of heading information even under dynamic conditions.


DMC300 is a plug-and-play device with configurable update rates and RS232 and RS485 interfaces. DMC300 is most suited for compassing, surveying, antenna orientation and other direction-sensing applications.

Product Features

Digital compass heading with high resolution and accuracy

RS232 and RS485 interface options for interfacing with external controller for automation.

Tilt compensated heading output catering to low dynamics Roll and Pitch movements.

On site Hard-iron and Soft-iron calibration using software utility improves performance of the sensor.

Low Power consumption of less than 2W for integrating in battery powered equipment.

Galileo DMC uses low noise tri-axial accelerometer and magnetometer sensors.

Technical Specifications

  • Performance
  • Hardware
  • Communication
  • Communication
  • Mechanical
Attitude Range
±180 ̊ (Roll) ±60 ̊ (Pitch)
Attitude Accuracy (1)
±0.5 (1σ)
Attitude Resolution
0.01 ̊
Heading Accuracy (1, 2, 3)
±1 ̊ (1σ)
Heading Resolution
0.01 ̊
Heading Magnetometer Range
±2 gauss
Heading Range
±180 ̊
Operating Voltage
9 to 28 VDC
Power consumption
< 150 mA @ 12 V DC
Update Rate
1 Hz / 10 Hz / 20 Hz
Output parameters
Roll, Pitch and Heading
106.7 (L) x 47.6 (W) x 27.5 (H) mm
180 gms
Operating Temperature
-10 ̊ C to +70 ̊ C

Q & A

Is the baud rate configurable?

Yes using the software utility

Is the update rate configurable?

Yes update rate is configurable using software utility.

Not getting proper heading after calibration what

The entire setup in which the DMC is installed needs to be rotated, for instance if installed in a boat the boat needs to be rotated in the horizontal plane for proper calibration (This procedure is called Compass swinging procedure (https://en.wiktionary

Is the compass tilt compensated?

Yes the compass is tilt compensated, it has accelerometers as gravity level to sense Roll, Pitch angles

Not getting data from DMC how to debug?

Refer to the quick start guide in the user manual

What dynamics is DMC suitable for?

Galileo DMC is suitable for environments with non-varying magnetic fields and static or semi-static conditions.

User Manual