Attitude and Heading Reference Systems
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Reliable attitude and heading reference systems are extremely crucial for airborne and underwater tactical manned and unmanned applications. Aeron’s Octantis and Aldebaran AHRS systems are designed for most critical and demanding airborne and undersea use cases.

Type approved and supplied for fighter and trainer platforms, Aeron’s Octantis AHRS is one of the most tested and validated MEMS based AHRS on the market. The AHRS systems are available and supported for a very long life of 20 years having been inducted on some of the latest aircraft platforms.


The performance has been benchmarked for accuracy and latency with navigation grade INS-GNSS systems of the aircraft and found to exceed performance requirements recommended in RTCA-DO334. 



The most qualified and widely used MEMS attitude and heading reference system for aircraft instrumentation, cockpit indicators and standby instruments.