Safety is paramount in construction, infrastructure building and mining operations. Accidents are common in off road vehicles where the operating terrain is harsh and non-uniform and the loads are asymmetric.

Aeron offers tilt sensors, inclinometers, and tilt switch solutions for the safety of heavy vehicles, construction equipment and off-road vehicles. These sensors can measure the longitudinal and lateral inclination of the vehicle body with respect to true horizontal (unlike conventional mechanical switches) and give out safety indication or power off the hydraulics, if the vehicle is operating at inclination angles beyond the safe limits.


The Inertial navigation systems (INS) and Inertial measurement units (IMU) offered by Aeron incorporate accelerometers, gyroscopes in case of IMU units and additionally barometer, magnetometer and GPS sensors in INS systems are used to provide semi and fully autonomous capability to driverless and driver-assist vehicles and are used in automotive testing applications.



Pollux 2

Micro-miniature Inertial Navigation Unit for Unmanned Systems


Vega Tilt Switch

Gyro Compensated Tilt Switch for Offroad Automotive Safety

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