With the advent, advancement, and rapid adoption of MEMS and GNSS technologies for navigation and guidance, applications such as driverless (smart) mobility, autonomous logistics delivery, industrial automation, indoor navigation, and underwater exploration have become possible.

Aeron has developed Inertial Measurement Units and Inertial Navigation Systems based on MEMS and FOG sensor technologies that deliver superior performance at affordable cost making adoption of inertial navigation systems possible at scale. The IMU and INS systems are qualified as per automotive and military standards and are in service on military and non-military platforms with customers around the World.


The micro-miniature INS Pollux offered by Aeron is best suited for unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles. The airborne qualified Octantis 2 Attitude and Heading Reference System is in use on multiple manned and unmanned aircraft platforms. The Octantis 2 Inertial Navigation Systems are deployed on unmanned ground and armoured vehicle platforms.




Airborne Qualified AHRS system for All Aircraft Types and Underwater Vehicles

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