Water quality monitoring system

Water pollution is a complex environmental problem caused by the introduction of harmful substances into water bodies, leading to a degradation of water quality. These contaminants can be physical, chemical, or biological in nature and often result from human activities. Common pollutants include industrial discharges, agricultural runoff carrying pesticides and fertilizers, untreated sewage, oil spills, and plastic waste. Contaminated water poses a direct threat to public health. The presence of pollutants can lead to oxygen depletion, algal blooms, and the accumulation of toxic substances, all of which can have severe consequences for aquatic life and biodiversity. As a result, water pollution adversely affects aquatic ecosystems, disrupts natural habitats, harms aquatic life, and poses significant risks to human health.


Water quality monitoring is a multifaceted and indispensable tool for addressing water pollution issues across various sectors. It plays a pivotal role in environmental conservation, protecting public health, and ensuring the sustainable use of water resources. Regular monitoring enables the timely identification of problems, allowing for effective interventions and the implementation of measures to maintain and improve water quality.


Based on latest technology sensors and controller, the STREAM is next generation smart system for wide variety of water quality monitoring requirements. The sensors work on UV, Optical and other advance technologies for the real-time measurement of water quality parameters. The sensors connect with smart controller which captures the data with high precision multiple times every second, applies advance algorithm on the data and makes it available to user on various platforms. User can access the data on local display, desktop PC and mobile. 


The STREAM is available in three variants for installations in different operating environment. The unique design offers reliable operation for long time. 




The Inline variant is installed in the bypass line of the water flowing out of water treatment plants like ETP, STP, and WTP. The system can be installed indoor or outdoor near the treatment plant.



The Submerged version is used for the water in processing tanks, pond, and other submerged applications. The sensor unit is submerged in the water while the controller is installed near the tank.



The Floating variant is a perfect choice for  aquaculture, river water quality, lake, and other water bodies.

Case Studies


Case Study Weather Monitoring for Solar Rooftop Projects

by Aeron Systems

22 January 2018

Solar rooftop projects are witnessing a steep rise in the number of installations. Commercial spaces like office spaces, hotels, hospitals etc. are increasingly opting for rooftop solar installation to avail the benefit of reduced energy bills. Being the market leader in utility-scale solar plant monitoring, Aeron has a strong presence in a rooftop solar segment as well.

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