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Attitude and Heading Reference Systems


What interfaces are available on Octantis AHRS?

Octantis AHRS has RS232 and RS422 interfaces for communication.

What standards does the Octantis AHRS comply with?

Octantis AHRS hardware is tested as per MIL standards 461E or F, 810F or G and software is tested in compliance with DO-178B level B

What features does AHRS have for reliability?

Octantis AHRS has redundant sensors for reliability and performance.

What lifecycle support is available for AHRS?

Octantis AHRS is supported for long operational life of 20 years

Inertial Navigation Systems

Pollux 2

What interfaces are available on Pollux 2?

Pollux 2 features RS232, RS422 and USB interfaces.

What sensors are available on Pollux 2?

Pollux 2 is a complete sensor package with triaxial accelerometer, triaxial gyroscopes, magnetometer, barometer and a multi-constellation GNSS.

Does Pollux 2 have sensor-fusion onboard?

Yes, Pollux 2 has Aeron’s proprietary sensor fusion engine for attitude, position and velocity estimation.

Is Pollux 2 qualified?

Yes, Pollux 2 has qualified environmental tests as per MIL-STD-810G.

Octantis 2 INS-GNSS

What GNSS constellations does Oct 2 INS support?

Octantis 2 INS supports GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS and NAVIC constellations on L1, L2 and L5 frequencies.

What qualifications have been performed on Oct2?

Octantis 2 has been qualified for land application as per MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461E and MIL-STD-1275E standards and select tests for airborne applications.


Does Octantis 3 support RTK?

Yes, Octantis 3 supports centimeter positioning with RTK.

How does Octantis 3 NS7700T resolve heading?

Octantis 3 uses dual antenna GNSS.

Aldebaran FOG Inertial Navigation System

Can we provide external aiding and alignment?

Yes, Aldebaran INS can accept external aiding and alignment

What is the performance in GNSS denied conditions?

Aldebaran INS can deliver < 0.3% of distance travelled performance in GNSS denied conditions.

Inertial Measurement Units

Castor IMU 1100

What is the interface for CSTR-IMU1100?

CSTR-IMU1100 can be interfaced on RS422.

What dynamics is CSTR-IMU1100 suitable for?

CSTR-IMU1100 has a dynamic measurement range of 400 deg./s and up to 40g


What interfaces are available on Castor IMU1640?

Castor IMU1640 is an OEM IMU with SPI interface.

Can Castor IMU be PCB mounted?

Yes, Castor IMU1640 is mounted on customer PCB using board to board connector.

IoT Products

Data Loggers

XTREME - Smart Data Logger

What is the IP rating of the data logger

The data logger is tested and rated for IP65.

Is the data logger CE certified?

Yes. The data logger is tested and certified as per IEC61326


How many channels are present in DL89?

There are 16 analog channels which can be configured as 16 single ended or 8 differential channels.


Is there dedicated ports to connect Davis sensors?

Yes. The DLG88L has dedicated port for all Davis make sensors.

Is there a built-in battery?

Yes, the DLG88L has a 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery.

Data Gateway


How many RS485 port is available in the WDG85?

The WDG85 has 1 RS485 Modbus RTU port which can be configured either has Master or slave.

How many analog input channels are available in WDG85?

The WDG85 has 2 Analog inputs.

Weather Sensors

Air Temperature, Humidity, Pressure sensor

Does ALTH110 comply to IEC61724-1:2021 standard.

Yes. The sensor is Class A accuracy complaint as per the IEC61724-1:2021 standard.

Module Temperature sensor with 4-20mA output

Is the sensor suitable for Bifacial PV modules.

Yes. The sensor is suitable for measuring the temperature of the Bifacial PV modules.

What is the accuracy of the sensor?

The sensor has Class A accuracy compliant to IEC61724-1:2021 standards.

Module Temperature sensor with PT1000 output

Is the sensor suitable for Bifacial PV modules.

Yes. The sensing part is the smallest in size designed specifically for Bifacial modules.

What is the accuracy of the sensor?

The sensor has Class A accuracy compliant to IEC61724-1:2021 standards.

What is the output of the sensor?

The sensor has resistive output in Ohms (Ω).

What is the input power required for the sensor?

The sensor is a passive type and does not need any external power source.

What cable length is recommended for the sensor?

The sensor being a passive sensor with resistive output, so it is not recommended to use the cable length beyond 20-25 meters. Longer cable lengths may result in incorrect and inconsistent data.