Inertial Navigation Systems
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Aeron is a leading designer and manufacturer of Inertial Navigation Systems based on MEMS and FOG sensor technologies. The field-proven and qualified navigation solutions are being used extensively in combat vehicles, unmanned aerial, ground, and underwater vehicles and other specialized platforms.

Aeron's Pollux, Octantis and Aldebaran product INS families have field proven reliability and performance and are qualified for the most demanding environments.


Pollux is a micro-miniature navigation system designed for unmanned applications. Octantis is our flagship MEMS navigator with 10+ years field legacy and best in class performance in GNSS denied scenarios. Aldebaran is our latest FOG based inertial navigation system featuring closed loop fiber-optic gyroscopes best suited for high vibration environment such as combat vehicles.


Pollux 2

Pollux 2 is a complete, tiny SWAP navigation sensor package, for unmanned navigation and control applications. The Pollux 2 packs tri-axial accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometer, barometer in a small but powerful MIL qualified hardware.

Octantis 2 INS-GNSS

Aeron’s flagship tactical MEMS inertial navigator with integrated L1/L2/L5 GNSS supporting all constellations including NAVIC. The high performance IMU inside Octantis helps deliver best in class performance of better than 1% DT in GNSS denied conditions. Octantis INS has a 10-year-old field legacy, field proven reliability and is supported for long operational life of at least 15 years.


The Octantis 3 (OCT3-NS7700T) represents a cutting-edge, third-generation Rugged Dual Antenna GNSS-aided MEMS Inertial Navigation System. With dual antenna GNSS Compassing, it guarantees uninterrupted heading performance in static and dynamic conditions, making it the top choice for precision pointing and navigation applications.

Aldebaran FOG Inertial Navigation System

Navigation system built around closed loop Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes and high-performance MEMS accelerometers for high vibration environments. The system has integrated multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receiver and delivers superior performance during extended periods of GNSS outage.


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