Tactical Inertial Measurement Unit for Guidance, Navigation and Control Applications



High-Performance Tactical MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

The Castor series IMU1640 is a high-end tactical class inertial measurement unit consisting of high-performance triaxial MEMS Accelerometer, triaxial Gyroscope and triaxial Magnetometer sensors based on latest MEMS technology. The IMU is equipped with a high-speed processor that runs superior signal processing algorithms delivering control grade inertial measurement data. The IMU output is available over a digital SPI interface. Its rugged and modular design makes it suitable for integration with control computers and other application hardware.


The miniature MEMS IMU, CSTR-IMU1640 offers 0.8 deg/hr. bias instability performance and is suitable for inertial guidance and control applications where size is the constraint. The Castor IMU design complies with MIL environmental and EMC standards.

Key Features

High-end Tactical Gyro

0.8 deg./hr in-run bias instability

Digital Software Filtering

Configurable FIR filters

Configurable I/O

User selectable I/O configuration

High Bandwidth

Offers upto 400Hz bandwidth

High Shock Survival

1000g shock survival



3V to 5V single supply

Low noise sensors

Low noise accelerometer and gyroscope to give high performance data

Operating Environment

-40 to +85 deg. C operating temperature


SPI Interface

Technical Specifications



±40 g

Bias Instability

<15 μg

Bias Repeatability

1.5 mg

Raw Bandwidth

200 Hz



±480 °/s

Bias Instability

0.8 °/hr

Bias Repeatability

0.01 °/s

Raw Bandwidth (-3 dB)

400 Hz


<0.03 °/sqrt(hr)



±8 gauss


±0.4 mgauss


Input Voltage

3.3 V to 6 V DC

Power Consumption

<1 W



Onboard Temperature, Voltages, Sensor Health

Update Rate

Up to 500 Hz


SPI, 4 x Digital I/Os



47 mm x 44 mm x 14 mm


<50 gm


Operating Temperature

-40 °C to +85 °C

Storage Temperature

-55 °C to +90 °C

Survival Shock

Up to 1000 g

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High-End Tactical Class IMU For Guidance, Navigation And Control Applications


Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) is an integral part of an autonomous vehicle which is essential for automated control of a drone or unmanned vehicle. The autopilot or control computer needs motion sensors to sense the orientation, rates and accelerations of the vehicle, a position sensor to know the real-time position, actuators to take necessary control actions based on the respective control weights assigned to it by the control algorithms and a computer that runs the control algorithms.  The Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is preferred choice to sense the motion parameters of a platform. It consists of 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscopes to sense the linear accelerations, angular rates in all directions in 3D space and attitude (roll angle /pitch angle) as processed output parameter. This information is further utilized by a control algorithm to take necessary control actions by sending control commands to the actuators/motors. For instance, a common PID control algorithm also needs the ‘D’ or derivative measurements which in this case are rates and accelerations to control the drone motion.


Camera gimbal control is another popular application of IMU which requires acceleration, angular rates, and attitude information to keep the camera locked on a particular target. The gimbal consists three motors to stabilize the camera. The motors are controlled based on the commands provided by a control computer based on the motion and orientation parameters sensed by the IMU. UAV/Drone control and stabilization also works on similar approach and utilizes the IMU data in the flight control algorithm to provide control feedback for the control surfaces like aileron, rudder and elevator in fixed wing/VTOL and rotor controls in multirotor UAV/Drone. The IMU is also an integral part of AHRS and INS which is to be used for platform navigation.   


Aeron’s IMU, Castor, CSTR-IMU1640 is miniature, triaxial, high-performance tactical class MEMS IMU designed for Guidance, Navigation and Control applications. It consists of low noise gyroscopes and accelerometers. CSTR-IMU1640 offers 0.8 deg./hr. gyro bias instability and wide dynamic range making it an ideal choice for GN&C applications. This single supply unit offers output data over SPI bus which helps to easily integrate it with onboard computer. It has built-in FIR filters with configurable cut-off frequency for each axis to enable user to tune the performance of the IMU as per the application needs. The sensing elements of each axis are factory-calibrated for bias, misalignment and are compensated for temperature effects to be usable across the entire operating temperature range. The IMU offers an excellent performance in high shock and vibration environments for instance typical shocks experienced during drone landing. Its superior noise performance translates to precise motion parameters required for autopilots, platform stabilization systems, gimbal control systems, attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS), flight control systems and various other motion sensing applications.


For position, velocity and inertial reference, please also see Pollux NS10 micro-miniature INS system product page.

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Yes, user can design a filter and input their coefficients for the defined cut-off frequencies.
Yes, Sampling rate is configurable.
Yes, IMU1640 has a facility to input the external clock.
 Yes, after power-on the device, ‘self-test’ feature gets enable automatically. User can also call this feature “ON Demand”. It communicates the sensor heath information.

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