Vega Tilt Sensor
Compact, Industrial Grade, Dual-Axis Digital Tilt Sensors


Vega Tilt Sensor

Compact, Dual-Axis Tilt Sensor for Industrial Applications

Aeron manufactures compact, industrial grade dual-axis digital tilt sensors for industrial inclination measurement. Built on the MEMS technology, Aeron Tilt Sensors run advanced statistical filtering and digital signal processing algorithms. This enhances the system performance to deliver precise angle data about both the axes (X- and Y-). Encased in a rugged IP65 enclosure, Aeron tilt sensors perform well in the harsh outdoor environment. These tilt sensors come with industrial grade connector and standard RS232/RS485 MODBUS interface.

Key Features

Dual Axis Tilt Sensing

Deliver inclination data about longitudinal (X) and lateral (Y) axis

Configurable Output Rates

1 / 5 / 10 / 50 Hz

Rugged Design

Compact and robust

High Accuracy

±0.2 ̊ (1σ)(static)


Communication & Protocols


Configurable Baud Rate

9600, 19200, 38400, 56700, 115200

Stability Over Time & Temperature Range

Operating temperature -40 ̊ C to +85 ̊ C

Technical Specifications


Measurement Range

±180 ̊ (X-axis)
±60 ̊ (Y-axis)




±0.2 ̊ (1σ)(static)

Update Rate*

1 Hz, 5Hz, 10 Hz, 50 Hz

Baud Rate

9600, 19200, 38400, 56700, 115200


Power Supply

+9 to +28 (VDC)

Current Consumption

< 100 mA @ 12V



RS232, RS485



Baud Rate

9600, 19200, 38400, 56700, 115200


Operating Temperature

-40° C to +85°C



88 mm (L) x 58 mm (W) x 37 mm (H)


< 300 gm

Casing Material


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Solar Tracking in Solar Power plant


Solar power is becoming the leading source of renewable energy due to their reliability and their viability with the solar panel costs coming down. To harness maximum power, the solar power plants must always maintain the inclination of the solar panel as per the position of the Sun to capture maximum radiation. This can be achieved by using a tilt sensor to track the Sun’s current position and give the feedback to the control system to adjust the incidence angle of the solar panel accordingly. Using optical sensors for solar tracking is not an all-season solution as weather conditions can limit their accuracy.


Aeron’s VEGA family tilt sensor, TS2D is a dual axis (Azimuth and Elevation) sensor that provides highly accurate real-time tilt angle information over a serial interface. TS2D is equipped with highly accurate MEMS based solid state accelerometers and gyroscopes to sense the absolute inertial angle of a platform. The TS2D design is complaint with industrial standards and provides output in all-weather conditions. TS2D integrated with Solar tracker system can be used for precise automated control of panel position helping to increase the energy yield. The angle precision has direct impact of the energy harnessing output. The tilt data is available at fast rates with high resolution making it suitable for real-time tracking applications.

Product Documents



VEGA TS2D is designed to work in the STATIC environment only.

Yes, Aeron provides Calibration Certificate for VEGA TS2D.

Yes. Test Report is provided for VEGA TS2D.

Factory calibration should be done after at least 1 year from the device usage date.

An adapter may or may not be used to power ON the device. Any SMPS or DC regulated power supply can be used to power the device.

TS2D provides RS232 and RS485 interfaces in AADF and MODBUS RTU interface for output.

Yes, RS232 and RS485 MODBUS outputs can be made available simultaneously.

The data rate for TS2D can be 1 Hz, 5Hz, 10 Hz or 50 Hz depending on the requirement.

TS2D always acts as the MODBUS slave.

The following settings of the MODBUS – Slave are configurable and can be configured with GUI

Slave ID: only through GUI (should be within the range of 1-255)

Baud Rate: 9600 / 19200 / 38400 / 57600/ 115200

Parity: None/ Even/ Odd

Data Bits: 7/8

Stop Bits: 0/1


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