XTREME - Smart Data Logger

XTREME is a robust family of smart dataloggers adept at acquiring measurements from multiple sensors through diverse analog and digital interfaces. Ensuring secure data transmission to the cloud, this powerful device is designed for precision data acquisition in a wide range of applications.

The XTREME series comprises advanced and intelligent data loggers designed to capture measurements from diverse sensors through various analog and digital interfaces. With a sampling frequency of 1 Hz and a logging frequency of at least 1 second, the device adheres to the high-precision Class A standards for sampling and recording intervals according to IEC 61724-1:2021 and IEC 61400-12-1:2022. Secure data transmission to the cloud is facilitated through Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or LTE, while real-time monitoring with SCADA systems is achieved via RS485 Modbus RTU and Modbus over TCP/IP.


Powered by a robust 32-bit, 900 MHz processor architecture, and an industry leading ADC, boasting a 24-bit resolution, the XTREME data logger offer high precession data acquisition and supports edge computing capabilities for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) applications.


The data logger features an onboard memory of 8GB, complemented by a micro-SD card slot expandable up to 32GB, ensuring data storage and retention for over 5 years in operational settings. Accessing logged data is convenient through a dedicated webpage accessible in both local and remote networks. Additionally, data retrieval is facilitated through direct download from the webpage or by inserting a pen drive into the device, providing flexibility and ease of use for diverse data management needs.

Product Features

The device complies with Class A sampling and logging intervals as per the IEC61724-1:2021 and IEC61400-12-1:2022 standards.

The data Logger features a 24-bit ADC (>20 ENOB), ensuring precise data acquisition, and measures voltage levels <10µV for accuracy.

Supports 16/8 single-ended or 8/4 differential analog channels for 0-100µV, 0-5V, 4-20mA, PT100, and PT1000 inputs.

The device offers various interfaces including SDI12, RS232, Modbus RTU (RS485 master/slave), and Modbus TCP/IP.

The data logger enables web server communication through WiFi, 4G (LTE), GPRS, and Ethernet connections.

The device ensures precise time synchronization via built-in GPS, supplemented by NTP and RTC methods for accuracy and reliability.

The device stores data for over 5 years on 8GB internal memory in .csv format. It supports up to 32GB micro SD card for extra storage

Housed in an IP65 enclosure, ensuring durability and sustained performance in challenging environments.

The device functions as an energy-efficient data logger, operational within a voltage range of 9 to 28 V DC.

Technical Specifications

  • Analog Inputs
  • Digital Channels
  • Serial Inputs
  • Network Interfaces
  • Measurement Parameters
  • Storage
  • System
  • Electrical & Mechanical
8 differential or 16 single ended
milli Volt Input
0 - 100 mV
Voltage Input
Current Input
Resistive (PT100)
80-200 Ω
Resistive (PT1000)
800-2000 Ω
24 Bit
±0.01 % of Full scale at 30 °C and ±0.03 % of FS over the entire temperature range
Digital Input
Digital Output
Max Input Frequency
1 KHz
RS232(x2), RS485(x2), SDI12
RS232 / RS485 : 9600 to 115200 and SDI12: 1200
Ethernet / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / LTE
Simultaneous Parameters
Data Rate
1 Hz
Average data
1 minute (min.) to 24 Hrs (max.)
Instantaneous data
1 second for all parameters
Data types
Inst., Avg., Std. Dev., Min. and Max.
Data types
3 - sec Wind Gust with Wind direction
Time Synchronization
GPS / Cellular / NTP / Manual
Internal Memory
8 GB
External Memory
8 GB (Expandable up to 32 GB)
Data Retrieval
Using an USB device
32 Bit
LED Indicators
Power, USB data download, Internet
Onboard with 3 V coin cell
Voltage Input
9 to 28 V DC
Power Consumption
<10 W
Operating Temperature
-40 °C to +70 °C
PC UV Protected
231 (L) x 125 (W) x 90 (H) mm
<1 kg


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Q & A

What is the IP rating of the data logger

The data logger is tested and rated for IP65.

Is the data logger CE certified?

Yes. The data logger is tested and certified as per IEC61326

User Manual