Automatic Weather Station
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Why Do We Need Smart Agriculture?

Food security

Food security is one of the most pressing issues in the world today. There are a number of natural calamities every year around the world damaging large swathes of crops. The world population is growing and food prices are rising to threaten the life of a sizeable percentage of the global population.

Technology intervention

Technology intervention to improve the farm level productivity is crucial to meet the growing demand. For centuries the agriculture has been at the mercy of nature, more specifically on the weather. But in the past few decades, various technologies technology interventions have ensured that farmers have better information or the weather in advance as well as control precipitation to some extent by using cloud seeding.

Automatic Weather Station

Automatic Weather Station (AWS) is used for real-time information on weather at the farm level. The AWS also provides information on soil moisture and soil temperature, giving better information on the irrigation requirement. Undoubtedly, AWS is a great tool in the hands of farmers today.

Weather Monitoring

Automatic Weather Station for Smart Agriculture

Aeron offers rugged and reliable Automatic Weather Station (AWS) for smart agriculture and weather research applications. The AWS uses high accuracy sensors for the measurement of wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, rainfall, barometric pressure, soil temperature, soil moisture, and other parameters. 
The weather sensors connect with a high-reliability data logger manufactured by Aeron for precision and reliable data collection from the sensors. The logger applies intelligent software filters on the collected data to remove noise and errors. The data is stored in the logger and communicated on wired and wireless mediums. The logger offers GSM/GPRS wireless data communication and RS232 for wired communication. 
The AWS runs on built-in lithium-ion batteries which are charged from an external solar panel. Because of its low power consumption capability, the AWS can operate for over 20 days without external charging when sending data to the cloud at every 1-hour interval. 
More than 1500 units of Automatic Weather Monitoring Systems from Aeron have been installed globally for smart agriculture and weather research applications. 

Sensors in Automatic Weather Station

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Wind Speed and Wind Direction

The wind speed and direction data is used for weather prediction, the data is also useful for crop harvesting, pesticide spraying, and other agriculture activities. The wind speed is measured using cup type sensor wherein the speed is proportional to the number of rotations. The wind direction sensor is potentiometer type.

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Air temperature & Humidity

Relative humidity along with temperature relates to moisture on the leaf. The high humidity weather can cause fungi to grow and curtail the plant growth. High ambient temperature also results in evaporation of moisture in soil. The temperature and humidity data collected locally is also useful for prediction of local weather. 

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Soil Moisture

The soil moisture in the indication of the water available in the soil. It is generally measured at different depths below the surface according to the crop. The moisture data greatly helps in irrigation management, therefore, increasing productivity and reducing water usage

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Barometric Pressure

The atmospheric pressure affects the growth of insects and it is also a good indicator of quickly changing weather conditions like storm. This data is extensively used for weather study.  

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Solar Radiation

The solar radiation enables photosynthesis process in plants. Therefore, the availability of adequate solar energy is the single most important factor for good plant growth in the agriculture along with adequate supply of water

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Leaf Wetness

During fog, rain, and cold temperatures, the moist accumulates on the leaf. This causes fungi and viruses growth. The resultant diseases may cause significant crop loss. Continuous monitoring and timely application of fungicide help in keeping crop healthy. 
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Rain Gauge

The rain gauge measures the rainfall. The rainfall data helps in understanding the irrigation requirement. It is important data for weather forecasts. The rainfall data is also used for weather index-based crop insurance products. The rainfall along with relative humidity and leaf wetness helps in understanding conditions for fungi and bacteria growth on the plant leaf.

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Soil Temperature

The temperature of the soil is an indicator of the moisture carrying capacity of the soil. Like moisture, it is measured at different depths.

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Projects Using Aeron’s Automatic Weather Station

Aeron’s Weather Monitoring Systems are installed at over    locations in the variety of projects for smart agriculture, weather research.

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