Why Monitor Water Quality?

Working Principle Of Water Quality Monitoring System

STREAM – A smart water quality monitoring system from Aeron has mainly three components. 1) Sensors, 2) Smart Controller, 3) HMI/Cloud platform. The sensors based on UV, Optical, and other technologies measure the quality parameters of water and provide analog and digital signals. 


The smart controller is the heart of STREAM which connects with sensors and acquires signals, converts to digital and processes the data, applies algorithms and finally presents the water quality data to the user on HMI / Display and sends it to the cloud. The data received on the cloud is analyzed and shown to the user in meaningful values and graphs. 

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Smart Water Quality Monitoring System

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Introducing STREAM, a smart water quality monitoring and management system. It allows you to monitor and control the pollution in water sources. Needless to mention water is among the five basic needs of life on planet earth. STREAM allows you to be responsible consumer.

Based on latest technology sensors and controller, the STREAM is next generation smart system for wide variety of water quality monitoring requirements. The sensors work on UV, Optical and other advance technologies for the real-time measurement of water quality parameters.


The sensors connect with smart controller which captures the data with high precision multiple times every second, applies advance algorithm on the data and makes it available to user on various platforms. User can access the data on local display, desktop PC and mobile.


The STREAM is available in three variants for installations in different operating environment.  The unique design offers reliable operation for long time.  

Stream F+

Measured Parameters

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Aeron’s STREAM series smart water quality monitoring system has wide range of latest optical and UV technology based sensors with fast response time, compact size and low maintenance.

Product Variant

Inline (I+)

The Inline variant is installed in the bypass line of the treated water flowing out of water treatment plants like ETP, STP, and WTP. The system can be installed indoor as well as outdoor near the treatment plant. The system’s modular design allows quick release of sensors for easy maintenance and calibration. The HMI display shows real-time parameter values. The I+ can be mounted on the ground as well as on the wall depending on the site condition. I+ has two primary subsystems, Smart Sensor Unit (I+S2U) and Smart Controller (I+S2C). The sensors are housed in the I+S2U and the controller along with HMI is housed in I+S2C

Submerged (S+)

The Submerged version of STREAM is used for the water quality measurement in stored water, processing tanks, pond, and other submerged applications. The S+ has two primary components, the Smart Sensor Unit (S+S2U) and Smart Controller (S+S2C).  The sensor unit is submerged in the water with the help of rope while the controller is installed near the tank. The controller is either mounted on the wall or on a fixed pole depending on the site conditions, suitable accessories are offered with the system. 

Floating (F+)

The Floating variant is a perfect choice for aquaculture, river water quality, lake, and other water bodies. The F+ is a self-contained system with its own solar power pack for independent and continuous operation. The system contains a Smart Sensor Unit (F+S2U) and Smart Controller (F+S2C). The sensor unit designed on the modularity concept is a quick-release independent unit for easy maintenance and calibration of sensors. While floating in the water, the F+ remains fastened to the shore with the help of a rope. The Floating variant is made of corrosion-proof material for long life in seawater, brackish water, and river water.



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Wi-Fi communication is useful for indoor industrial installations including when the installation is underground and mobile networks cannot be reached.

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Ethernet is the best option where Wi-Fi or Cellular is not feasible.

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Cellular (4G)

Data transmission from a remote location over a high-speed 4G network. It supports 2G and 3G networks as well.

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When you need to send the data to PLC or RTU, the RS485 MODBUS is the preferred communication option


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Add Sensors

Add new sensors in the future at the cost of sensors only, no other component upgrade required Icon: Puzzle adding a block

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Remove Sensors

You don't need to measure certain parameters anymore, don't worry, just remove the sensors from the controller and you are good to go without additional cost Icon: puzzle removing a block

Power Options

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STREAM consumes low power and can run on solar power. Consider buying solar power pack for uninterrupted operation, especially useful for aquaculture, rivers, and lakes

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With a built-in surge protector, you can power your STREAM using electrical supply.

Alert &

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Threshold Breach

STREAM notifies you on email when the measured parameters cross threshold level.

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Timely notification to you if your STREAM encounters health issues before it may actually stop the operation.

Key Features Of Cloud


Live data view of current values and system health


Email alerts and notifications for threshold value breaches, system health problems at user defined intervals

Graph View

Real-time trends displayed on charts and graphs


User defined reports sent to user inbox at pre-defined interval


Compare two stations or two parameters from each station, set thresholds and download charts

Geo Location

Map view showing geo-location of all the systems

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