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We are a team of passionate and creative scientists and engineers from diverse cultural and social backgrounds working together toward a common goal of contributing to building a better future for the inhabitants of the planet earth. Sustainable use of natural resources and autonomous transportation are no more just options but necessities of the 21st century World. Team Aeron is working tirelessly to contribute to these global transformations.

Life @ Aeron

Core Values of Aeron

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    Quality work delivered on time

    Our products are of the highest quality and we respect the time of our clients as much as we do our own.

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    Honesty and Integrity

    We are honest, and we are what we stand for. We appreciate complete transparency in our dealings with clients and with each other.

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    Ownership of the company and resources

    We at Aeron believe in owning each bit of the company from furniture and stationery to our products and clients and hence are careful that we handle them with care and respect.

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    Environment Friendly

    We believe in caring for the environment and we minimize the usage of paper and discourage the use of plastic. All our products are eco-friendly.

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    Interest of the nation

    We are proud to be developing technology for our country and generating money and employment through it.

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    Equal opportunity Company

    We select people based on their work and ethical and moral grounding regardless of their gender, ethnicity, age or religious beliefs.

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    We believe in bringing out the best in people and finding sustainable creative solutions is the norm at Aeron.

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    We are one company, one team. We are committed to a teamwork environment where every person is a valued member, treated with respect, encouraged to contribute and is recognized and rewarded for his/her efforts.

What our team says